Monday, February 4, 2008

10 Steps to get a TLC license.

Step 0: TLC Mandatory Sex Trafficking Awareness Video
Step 1 : Must be at least 19 years old
Step 2 : Must have a valid DMV license (class A, B, C & E accepted)
Step 3 : Must complete a TLC driver application - ( )
Step 4 : Proof of Address Requirement – If your DMV license has a different address than the one you put on your application, you must bring a document (i.e., Utility
bill) that shows your current mailing address with your name on it.
Step 5 : Must have a valid and original Social Security Card
Step 6 : Must have a completed and notarized NYC Office Child Support Enforcement Form
( )
Step 7 : Defense Driving Course certificate - Must be no older than six (6) months from the date you submit your application.
Step 8 : Fingerprinting Fee of $75 – Money order made payable to: NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission - Visa or Master Card only.
Step 9 : License Fee of $84 – Money order made payable to: NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission or Visa or Master Card only.
Step 10 : Drug Test Fee of $26 – Money order only made payable to: LabCorp

For more Information visit our main website:

En español: 10 pasos para obtener una licencia de TLC 

Refer to the TLC checklist for an in-depth look at the requirements.

All TLC Forms found here.
Click on the link to see which vehicles are currently approved for use as a New York City Taxicab.


viji said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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Anonymous said...

I want to become a black car driver, Is the defensive driving course the only exam i need to take in order to get my tlc license or do I also need to take the 80 hour yellow cab course too?

Anonymous said...

all of this info is great, however one question. do prior convictions matter in order to recieve tlc license?

Anonymous said...

Where do u take drug test

MJ Zinnat said...

I wanna recommend for Picklimo, they are so flexible so far I know.
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Anonymous said...

I got driver licence 4 months ago,can I get a TLC Licence???

Kurban Ali said...

Nice post on TLC License. NYC Luxury car service

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