Friday, February 15, 2008

Comprehensive Maintenance: A key to successful limo business By: Eliza Maledevic

To become successful in this field, a livery operator must be
equipped with unrivaled marketing strategies, dedication, and a
strong passion to serve his customers to the fullest.

But first of all, he must determine which brand of limousine is
best suited for his business. Selection must be determined based
on the manufacturer's capability to deliver reliable units and
its ability to render after sales service. He must choose
limousine dealers who understand that in the limousine industry
time saves money so that service is a priority the unit once it
gets back to the shop for quick repair and be back on road the
soonest possible.

Being a successful livery operator does not end in having a
reliable fleet of limousines. He must have a keen sense of
customer service by giving his client a luxurious and dependable

In order to do this, he must see to it that he has a superior
maintenance program that is highly organized and aggressive. It
is best if he employs a team of technicians to perform routine
maintenance 7 days a week. This includes rigid "bumper to
bumper" inspection and oil change every 2,500 miles. The team
must personally inspect each and every vehicle, pay special
attention to tires, suspension systems, interior lighting, cell
phones or 2-way radios and other paraphernalia that their
clients might need while in transport.

Aside from having mechanics to keep the fleet in top shape, he
must likewise have a team of detailers see to it that the
vehicles always look good inside and out.

In the limousine industry, a superior maintenance program,
combined with passion and dedication, can propel livery
operators to boundless success. As long as they recognize the
importance of surpassing customer expectations, they will
continue to perch in that pedestal of success.
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