Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Disgruntle Drivers By Fausto Polanco

As a dispatcher I'm in a delicate position when it comes to dealing with drivers. In any business car service business there's going to be drivers you like and drivers you dislike, but I cannot use that to determine what drivers get the good quality jobs compare to the quick local that pays alot less. So with drivers positioning themselves in the system I COULD determine which driver gets the best jobs and which drivers get those petty local jobs. Here is where the problem lies: Driver's believe in the conspiracy notion of getting screwed over from getting the good jobs. It is a theory that is partially true, but not all the time. I've seen it happen many times before: driver books into the midtown zone, position number 1, meaning that this driver is head out to recieve the next live call or reservation from this zone. Next thing you know a reservation comes in and POOF!! the job dissapears. Through our higher technology dispatch system drivers are able to check their position through the use of a black berry. So when they see that a reservation that was there , suddenly dissapear, believe me that driver will call to argue. There will always be discontent drivers because of quality jobs being limited. And drivers that do not trust their dispatchers makes the job alot harder. As a dispatcher you must set the order and distribute work accordingly in order to maintain a happy fleet, but sometime is beyond the control because not all could be happy.
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