Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hot in the bitter Cold

As the Democratic primaries continues to boil, NY is in a bitter deep freeze. I woke up and it was eleven degrees!!! With wind chill factors setting conditions below zero!!!

Now I'm no meteorologist: But this Winter has been a disaster to say the least. I gotta stay on Theraflu, Halls, and herbal tea supplements. One day its upper 50's and the next day its in the single digits. Global Warming my Arse!!

This is very much relevant to the Black Car industry, because, honestly who likes to walk in the cold. What becomes frustrating is passengers that take cabs down five blocks. Not because they got a stack load of documents, not because of any handicap issues, its due to the cold weather.

This one lady who's name will remain anonymous, (wouldnt want to get myself in trouble with my employer), she only makes reservation when its cold or raining, adding to the already many reservation on the screen. Oh the life of a dispatcher!

I dont expect for today to be any different. God bless me with patience :)


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