Friday, February 22, 2008

Messy Friday Commute

If you think that driving into the city was bad before, look no further then todays weather in New York. Since 5am ten accidents have already been reported!!1 I've called over 20 drivers to cover reservations for me today with no luck. They are either home sleeping or plowing their driveway. The good thing about it is that passengers will call for to make a reservation and we let them know from the start that their will be delays and that we won't be able to guarantee on-time pick up. Just now we made a pick up in Queens, the passenger has been waiting since 8:15am and got picked up at around 9:30am. Its a perfect time to have an SUV. These luxury sedan fall victim to the weather quickly, and as a driver your car is your investment: So keep yourself home in these messy condition.
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