Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Road To Success

Preparation is the key to a successful business. I always like to look at the phrase "failing to prepare, is preparing to fail" kinda of cheesy, I know. But in regards to a business, I take myself as an example, due to my lack of understanding on how to manage a fleet of car, I've been side tracked on being able to attain more cars, expand my business. I'm pretty sure if I were to point out my mistakes, (when I first started), I would be 5-6 cars into my business.

Through Trial and Error: Like my friends always tell me.

I understand now that in order to continue down this road I'll have to:

1. Learn from my early mistakes. (Whether they be bringing in an inexperience driver or putting down unneccessary money in my initial deal signing.)


2. Simplyfing things. I know that dealing with money isnt easy (specially to somebody that never dealt with much money), But regardless of the amount of money, common sense tells you if in an investment your losing money instead of gaining, Consider that a bad investment and count your loses.

PS...Sorry for the late Blog--> I PASSED my Driver's test---> My Road to Success continues :)


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