Monday, February 25, 2008

To Green or Not To Green By Frank Gallo

After years of radioactive waste, nuclear power, and tons of other products that destroy the earth, now we are concerned. We do not want our children's kids to start coming out with 12 and three feet as the norm. Let's protect the environment.

The big push is to buy Hybrid vehicles. Save the earth and save money on gasoline right? Well Hybrid vehicles cost anywhere from $3 - $8K extra than the regular base model. For example, a regular base Lexus 350X is about $37,500 (MSRP) and a 400H is about $41,300 (MSRP). Add some options, forget about it. Now let's dig a little deeper. You pay $3,800 more so that you can save on gas money. At a savings of about $400 per year using a Hybrid vehicle, you are going to save $1200 over 3 years (regular driving and assuming you finance the vehicle over 3 years / 36 months).

I am sure that you are saying to yourself that there are so many other advantages to the earth. Did you know that you have to change the battery on your Hybrid vehicle every 3-4 years? Currently they do not know how to dispose of the batter in a way that does not damage the environment. More of a carbon imprint is left trying to dispose of the battery than driving a gas guzzler.

Finally, lack of accelaration (they do not perform the same) and the lighter weight of the vehicle does not make for the safest options, especially during bad weather. Bottom line (my opinion of course) Hybrid technology will evolve and they should be the cars of choice going forward. If you are looking to get a new vehicle in the black car industry, save your money and do not get a luxury Hybrid. A luxury vehicle (hybrid or not) might be beautiful but it is not worth doing the wear and tear for Black Car Rates. In the Black Car Industry, you will make the same exact amount of money using a Toyota Camry Hybrid full loaded as you will with a full loaded Lexus 400H. The rates do not change from Hybrid to regular.

One final note, I do not like that the government is pushing green but not helping individuals make it happen by reducing the other green ....the money it cost to get a Hybrid.


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