Tuesday, May 13, 2008


MAHWAH, NJ -- Flyte Tyme Worldwide has announced that is has increased
it's fleet of alternative fuel vehicles this week with the recent
purchase of several Chevrolet Flex Fuel Suburban SUV vehicles to
supplement their existing fleet of flexible fuel vehicles. The move
is part of the company's initiative to supplement its current fleet
with more environmentally friendly vehicles. In early 2006, Flyte Tyme
Worldwide President Tim Rose saw the need to make his company
"greener" and has continued to explore all of the options available
this large scale transportation firm. Rose stated that while the
addition of more flexible fuel vehicles to his fleet is part of his
"total green initiative", he acknowledges the fact that there are
currently no green vehicles available that meet all of the needs of
his transportation firm.

In addition to these flex fuel vehicles added to the Flyte Tyme Fleet,
the company has also added 15 Mercury Mariner Hybrid vehicles to its
New York based fleet. "We will continue to replace our Fleet of 250
Lincoln Town Cars in our Black Car operation with Hybrids," stated
Flyte Tyme Worldwide President, Tim Rose. We also give our clients
the option of selecting a hybrid vehicle via our web booking tool and
our clients are taking advantage of this option. Flyte Tyme continues
to monitor hybrid related vehicle safety and reliability factors,"
added Tim Rose.

Flyte Tyme is working vigorously with its corporate partners to become
a more 'environmentally conscious' corporation .In 2008, Flyte Tyme
will roll out the Black Car industry's first paperless 'E-Voucher'
system developed in partnership with Aleph Computer Systems and Symbol
Technologies. It will enable travelers to sign on the screen of the
driver's PDA tablet to acknowledge final charges. A receipt will be
emailed immediately, thereby completely eliminating the need for paper

According to Rose, Flyte Tyme has been developing a company wide
"green initiative' program by exploring all of the options available
to become greener. This program continues to evolve as more green
options become available to the company. Some of the current programs
being developed are: The installation of waste oil fuel heating
systems at its corporate locations in Mahwah, Princeton, Philadelphia
and New York City which will allow Flyte Tyme to heat its facilities
with the waste oil generated by its vehicles; installing fuel
conservation systems on all of its vehicles as part of a comprehensive
effort to cut fuel consumption of its non-hybrid fleet; installing an
Ethanol fueling station at its headquarters this year to allow the
company to gain the most benefit from these flexible fuel vehicles and
further offset the company's carbon footprint and Flyte Tyme is in
negotiations with several partners to purchase carbon offsets for its
fleet vehicles that are currently not eligible for replacement.

"These initiatives will enable us to better serve our clients and help
to offset our carbon footprint. "The company continues to evaluate
commercially available options to replace its fleet of over 550
vehicles. The company also continues to investigate the market for
fuel friendly vehicles which will best suit the needs of its clients
and the environment. While hybrid vehicles have presented the best
immediate option because they rely on an existing network of gasoline
stations, flex fuel and bio-diesel fueled vehicles present better
alternatives for the environment because they are powered by renewable
energy sources," continued Tim Rose.

In addition to increasing the number of fuel efficient vehicles in its
fleet, Flyte Tyme Worldwide has also moved to 'green' its corporate
practices through recycling, efficient energy use, paperless policies,
carbon offsets, and green partnerships.
About Flyte Tyme Worldwide

Flyte Tyme Worldwide is a provider of ground transportation services
in over 350 cities worldwide. For more information:

Flyte Tyme Worldwide
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Contact: Maria Amorosso, Director of Account Development
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