Thursday, May 29, 2008

IBC Featured Site: Heritage Coach Company

Founded in 1980, Heritage Coach is in its third decade of service and commitment to the funeral industry. Owners, Mark Lankford and Bob Williams have built a reputation for their attention and patience in working to meet each customer’s individual needs. Mark’s experience in the Automobile business coupled with Bob’s thirty five plus years of funeral directing have given our company a unique ability to understand the special needs of our customers while also being able to handle all of their vehicle needs.

You will find us eager to meet with you at your funeral home and ready to show you one of our many stock, new and pre-owned vehicles.

Heritage Coach has won three of the last five Accubuilt Dealer of The Year awards. This honor is not based upon shear volume, but rather our customer satisfaction. We strive to be a support mechanism to our customers; we provide loaner vehicles to customers who may need a car to stay more than a day or two for service.

To learn more about the services and vehicles we provide, please enjoy and participate on our blog or visit our funeral limousine dealer site.

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