Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tech Tuesday- Solar-powered Pod patent spotted

Does this mean the sun shines out of Steve Jobs' bottom?

Don the green wellies and doff the proverbial ecological hat (if indeed there is a proverbial ecological hat, which on reflection we're pretty sure there isn't, but we digress) because if the MacRumours site is to be believed Apple has apparently filed a patent to bring solar power to its iPods and laptops.

In typical Jobs style, the design looks to be pretty unique as the company aims to fit the solar panels beneath the LCD screens of its devices to absorb ambient light, cleverly side-stepping the whole issue of having a surface area of light detectors big enough to power the gadget they're tacked on to.

Previous efforts from other manufacturers have seen them creating solar panels bigger than the actual product in order to make them effective.

In Apple's case though, some slightly misguided overenthusiastic types are already claiming the patent could reduce the footprint of the Pods and laptops, or even mean they would need no mains power at all. Though anyone who has used solar power to charge anything will know that's about as likely as Mr Jobs quitting Apple to champion the cause of the Zune.
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