Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tech Tuesday: Bose

The innovation driving the Acoustimass® 6 speaker system is the powered Acoustimass module. Free from the audible distortion that can betray its location, the Acoustimass module can be placed anywherebehind furniture or drapes, for exampleand the rich, broad spectrum of music and movie sound appears to come from the small cube speakers. Innovative Bose technologies let you hear new details and nuances even in your most played favorites. The system's five Virtually Invisible® cube speakers deliver vivid and lifelike music and movie performance. Just 3 inches square, these small speakers faithfully reproduce the clarity and natural sound of a live performance. The Acoustimass 6 speaker system is designed to blend effortlessly with your décor. Accessory mounting options allow each small cube speaker to be mounted to your walls or elegantly displayed on speaker stands.
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