Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Dispatcher Blog

(Weekend Dispatcher is my updates on my working hours from Saturday 7pm to Sunday 7am. Through out the night I'll just post various things that are taking place, so continue refreshing for new updates.)

7:30PM-Beginning my shift not much happening, seems like a pretty slow night.
I hope the night goes quickly and morning comes. There is just one reservation scheduled for tonight, I'm pretty sure that there will be a few live calls, but as I see I only have 1 driver working, not a good thing.

9PM- 3 Reservations, 0 Cars, Pissy passengers waiting to get picked up- Not Cool. I don't want to be apologizing the whole night...sheesh where are my drivers?!?

10:15PM - Hey!! 2 drivers appear out of nowhere, I'll take any drivers right about now. What I won't take is drivers going to the wrong location, when they already 30 minutes late. Bummer!

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