Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Car Loans Can Be Tricky

By Andrew Stratton

Everyone loves the idea of being able to purchase a new or used vehicle. For most people this involves obtaining some type of financing. Not everyone will have an easy time obtaining financing. There are many different factors that can affect people from being able to get approved for car loans.

People have different circumstances that can affect their financial situation. There are a variety of car loans that are available to consumers but it is up to the individual to do some research and find the financing option that is best for their situation. If someone has great credit they will most likely be able to obtain financing without too much trouble. A person with no credit history or a bad credit history will most likely encounter some difficulties obtaining financing and may need a larger down payment, some type of secured financing or even a co-signer.

When first looking into the different car loans that are available people should call and speak with several different finance companies to find the lender whose options will work best for them. They should consider all the terms of the financing offer, not just the interest rate and the length of the financing. It is best for people to contact the finance company directly instead of going through the auto dealership. Most dealerships will look for the finance company that gives them the best deal and that may not be the best deal for the customer.

When applying for car loans you will have to include all of your verifiable income. Dealerships may require you to provide past tax returns to support your income claims. The company will also need to verify your address so you may have to show proof of a utility bill or some type of business correspondence. The finance company will also want to verify your employer and possibly a personal reference that you provide. For people who are self-employed showing proof of at least two years' worth of tax returns may be necessary. If you require a co-signer they will also have to show proof of income. After all if you default on the financing agreement they will be responsible for the payments.

When considering various car loans people need to think about what will work out best for their personal situation. Just because a finance company makes an offer doesn't mean that you have to accept it. There are many things to consider when making this type of decision. First there is the interest rate. If the rate is high you will have a much higher monthly payment. Second is the length of the financing. Some offers may take up to six years for a person to pay off. The size of the down payment is a big point for most people to consider and perhaps even more importantly the amount of the monthly payment. While the idea of a new vehicle is appealing paying a large monthly payment may not be quite so appealing for some people. The bottom line is take the offer that works best for you.

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