Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowy Mess In N.Y.

Here’s what you need to know:

• Public schools in New York City are open; field trips are canceled.
Many public school districts in the region are closed or opening late, though.
So are many private schools and colleges in and out of the city. See list.

• Snow will fall heavily through the morning rush and probably mix with rain and sleet after noon, with a high around 33 degrees.
Winds of around 20 miles an hour will further limit visibility.

• “Because of its timing and intensity, this storm is going to make both the morning and evening rush hours extremely difficult,” Mayor de Blasio warned on Wednesday night.
“If you do not need to drive, you will help yourself and everyone else by staying off the roads.”

• On the rails, Metro-North is running reduced service. All other systems are trying to run normal service.

• Subways are running, with some delays. There are widespread delays on city buses.

• For drivers, speed limits are reduced on many highways and bridges. For details see “Commute” section below.

• Alternate-side parking is suspended through Monday. Meters are in effect.

• This mammoth storm has left 350,000 people without power as far south and west as Texas.

• Wet snow and ice on trees and wires could cause power failures here, too. So far, about 2,200 homes in the region lack power, mostly in New Jersey and on Long Island.

• The National Weather Service warned, “Heavy, wet snow may cause some weak flat-roof structures to collapse.”

• Government offices and New York Public Library branches are open. But nonessential New York State employees can seek permission to stay home, Governor Cuomo said.

• The city’s decision to open schools despite the snow drew furious responses on Twitter and elsewhere.

• The federal courthouse in Manhattan is opening at 11 a.m. Courts in White Plains and Middletown, N.Y., are closed. Most state courts north and west of Westchester County are closed.

• A winter storm warning is in effect till 6 a.m. Friday.
New York City has also issued a hazardous travel advisory.
A state of emergency has been declared in New Jersey.

• See what streets have been plowed via the city’s Plow Tracker.

• The snow, sleet and rain will taper off around evening-commute time, but the mix of wet and frozen stuff on the ground — about six inches will have fallen by then — will be treacherous.

• Later this evening comes a last heavy round. The precipitation will change to all snow after midnight, and it may keep falling until 6 a.m. Friday.

• North and west of the city, only snow is expected. Totals could approach 18 inches in parts of New Jersey and lower New York State.

• Long Island and the Jersey Shore will see less snow, as little as a few inches.

Read the full report here
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