Monday, February 24, 2014

Taxi Driver: The American Dream

By Fausto Polanco

Over the last decade there has been a shift from American born drivers to immigrant drivers in the US. The Taxi and Limousine Commission reported that only 8% of For-Hire drivers in New York were born in another country. 

Which brings us the question, Why?

 Immigrants come to the US to find wealth that their native country lacked (most underdeveloped countries) and find the immediate struggle to land a job. The obstacles are those of language, skills, diplomas and degrees. Some of the occupations that individuals practice in their native country aren't qualified without the proper America education. So many resort to driving cabs because much isn't required and the pay can be really rewarding.
"I think all you need is a face!" Echoed Jerry Seinfeld in his famous stand up "I'm telling you but for the last time"

Many have contended that the quality of service has diminished because the educational background and the cultural difference has been misinterpret. On the other hand, some have enjoyed the service provided by individuals of a different ethnicity. 

But the census proves that people come to find the never fading desire of the 'American Dream' and see the benefits of driving people around only having to learn a little bit of English and a whole lot of directional corners. 

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