Sunday, February 16, 2014

Upcoming Events (Feb. 16 - Feb. 22)

For the eighth year in a row, Brooklyn celebrates both the beats and the man behind them with the roving “Donuts Are Forever” party, named for Dilla’s final album of instrumentals. This year’s roster of DJs appearing at Brooklyn Bowl includes Good Reverend Dr. J, DJ Prince, DJ Still Life, 6th Sense, DJ Parler, and headliner DJ Jazzy Jeff.

— By Nick Murray

Monday February 17, 2014 

Rock of Ages
Helen Hayes Theater

“Rock of Ages,” the celebrated hymn based on First Corinthians, will not appear in this Broadway musical. Instead expect the hits of Foreigner, Styx, Pat Benatar, and Journey. The nominal plot centers on a romance conducted in the insalubrious environs of the Sunset Strip circa 1987.

— By Alexis Soloski

Price: $70-$165

Tuesday February 18, 2014

Soledad Barrio 
Joe's Pub

Barrio delivers a particularly pure, profound form. Compact and tightly wound, she also interprets, with her superb musicians, Sophocles’s Antigone, in selections from a new production co-directed by Lee Breuer (Mabou Mines) and her husband, Martin Santangelo.

— By Elizabeth Zimmer

Price: $35-$45

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Eddie Palmieri Salsa Orchestra
B.B. Kings Bar & Grill

The Grammy-winning NEA Jazz Master has spent the past half century taking the music of the barrio into the concert hall, but success hasn't dulled the Latin pianist's flavor or diminished his drive for live performance. At 77, Palmieri still pounds the keys Monk style with the same percussive fervor that he brought to Tito Rodriguez's band in the '50s or his own trombone-heavy Charanga groups in the '60s and beyond. 

— By Aidan Levy

Price: $30/$35

Thursday February 20, 2014

Russian Circles + Inter Arma
Bowery Ballroom 

Alongside Richmond's Inter Arma, a band known for their unique combination of psychedelic black metal and doom, Bowery Ballroom is bound to get heavy.

— By Maria Sherman

Price: $15

For more events this coming week visit the Village Voice
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