Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Job Classification:
Field Administrative
Job Type:
Full Time
Hourly Rate:

Andrews International is currently adding a Scheduler/Dispatcher to the team. The selected candidate will be highly motivated and enjoy working in a fast paced office environment. The Scheduler/Dispatcher position will possess a great attitude and work ethic. If you are organized, detail-oriented and efficient, this may be the opportunity for you.

Andrews International will only consider qualified candidates for this position.

Primary Job Responsibilities:
* Handling large volume of employee and customer calls.
* Detailed computer data entry using MS Office.
* Rapidly place phone calls to schedule personnel in dynamic setting.
* Dispatching schedules and directions via phone and computer.
* Accurately receiving and inputting employee time.

Required Job Qualifications:
* Scheduling/dispatching exp (at least 3 years)
* Excellent verbal, written, and telephone communication skills.
* Proficiency in MS Office Suite
* Must be able to interact efficiently with a large number of employees.
* Must thrive and enjoy working in a fast paced dynamic office.
* Accurate, fast typing and data entry skills.
* Demonstrated analytical skill with the ability to quickly resolve questions and concerns.
* Able to work a flexible schedule.

How to apply:
Please submit an online application

Andrews International
475 Park Avenue South, 12th fl
New York, NY 10016

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