Monday, November 3, 2014

Operations Dispatcher - Kisok

As a Dispatcher, you will be responsible for assisting Kiosk Operation Managers with car counts, lot checks, assignment of special equipment, and communication with customer service staff about availability of fleet. In addition, you will be responsible for coordinating vehicle registration renewals and assist with Lost and Found on an as- needed basis.

The key responsibilities and accountabilities of the position include, but are not limited to:
Vehicle preparation and ensuring the vehicle is ready for customer pick-up
Drive and park vehicles as needed
Check for vehicle damage
Ensure features of the vehicles are operational
Update vehicle status as non-rentable or rentable, depending on its condition
Ensure interior of vehicle (windows, door jams, trunk, etc.) is clean
Clean the exterior of vehicle
Meet processing and standardization quotas
Perform related tasks as directed by management
Liaise with various departments and other brands of the organization
Answer questions and provide directions in a courteous, friendly, and expeditious manner
Exhibit a professional appearance in accordance with established uniform and/or dress code guidelines
Drive continuous improvement by communicating customer feedback to management
Engage in action-planning to improve operational performance and customer satisfaction
Keep work area organized, free of clutter, and stocked with supplies
Protecting company assets through adherence to company policies and procedures.

Maximizing margin by up-selling customers to higher-priced services

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