Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Customer Care Representative

We are looking for a dynamic, motivated Customer Care Representative to join our rapidly expanding company.

The primary goal for this role is to ensure that our clients' inquiries and concerns are addressed in a timely manner, and resolved to their satisfaction. You will be interacting with teams from some of the biggest American online retailers, international vendors and consumers, as well as other departments within the company. Weekend work may be required occasionally.

•             Interacting with client companies, international consumers and company vendors in and outside of the U.S., in a professional and courteous manner
•             Responding to customers' inquiries quickly and effectively
•             Researching solutions by contacting the parties involved including logistics companies, freight forwarders, payment companies and other external and/or internal groups
•             Tracking and documenting the resolution process in proprietary order management and support systems
•             Opening inquiries with various vendors using ticketing system and tracking the tickets to ensure responses
•             Communicating responses to clients and customers via support cases, emails and/or phone

•             Assisting Finance Operations by maintaining data on lost or returned packages

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