Sunday, November 16, 2014

Experienced Dispatcher Wanted Immediately (Melville, NY)

Experienced Dispatcher Wanted Immediately for commercial office furniture delivery and installation company.

Dispatcher needed for 2 shifts at Melville location:
6:00AM to 3:00PM
1:00PM to 10:00PM

The Dispatcher will be required to manage all transportation and logistics, working as part of the Operations Team to assign van and men to various jobs in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area. This individual will serve as the point of contact for all labor assigned to work, ensuring that key personnel is assigned in a profitable and efficient manner. The Dispatcher will be a key strategic component of the Operations Team, working with the Operations Team to build daily schedules and coordinate with the Warehouse Manager, the input and outflow from the warehouse.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
*Monitor, coordinate and dispatch labor
*Communicate with the Sales Team and Customer Service Teams to creatively problem solve
*Prepare daily schedules and maintain daily work log information

Required Skills and Abilities:

The Dispatcher must be organized and make efficient use of time and resources with regard to planning work, arranging labor and communicating with the Operations Team, as well as the Drivers.

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