Sunday, November 16, 2014

Make $1500/week Driving an SUV in Manhattan with Via

We're looking for top SUV drivers to join Via, an on-demand transit app based in New York City.

Via Driver Partners

Excellent pay - make $1500 or more each week
Hourly pay - compensation is based on time worked, NOT on the number of rides
All rides are within Manhattan, which limits gas usage and vehicle wear and tear
Via's Driver iPad (provided for all Via Driver Partners) gives turn by turn directions for all pick-ups and drop offs, making for a smooth, easy driving experience
Via's friendly operations team is always on call to help you with questions or issues

Must have a luxury SUV, 2010 models or later with a 3rd row of seats (Escalade, Suburban, Denali, Yukon, Mercedes, etc.)
Driver Partners must have a New York TLC for-hire vehicle license
Applying to partner with Via

Click here or on the big "Apply Now" button below to provide basic information about yourself (only takes a few minutes and is mobile friendly)
Our team will review your information and contact you directly

Questions? Please call or text us at (609) 388-8267

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