Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Night Car Service Administrator/Dispatcher

Nature and Scope of Position:

This position reports to the Car Service Manager within the region.  This role requires customer service skills, some day-to-day operations and dispatcher services.    

Primary Responsibilities:

Manage Customer Service mailbox; including but not limited to research/troubleshoot customer and/or driver problems for complaint resolution, escalation, etc.
ensure quality and standards of department are maintained
Maintain customer service focus constantly and identify areas for improvement
Policy governance
Part of the regional BCP command center.
Lead Dispatcher for the nightline.  Coordination to assist employees to cars during nightline services.
Manage external vendor pertaining to dispatcher services
Support day-to-day operations
Provide nightline summaries each day to Car Service Manager and Regional Travel Manager
Ensure timely movement of vehicles on nightline
Perform other job related duties and special projects as required.
Resolve problems with DB employees and drivers

Primary hours for services:   5pm to 1am
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