Monday, November 24, 2014

TLC BLACK CAR / LIMO DRIVER / Professional Chauffeur (QUEENS)

Earn up to $1500 ++ per week - Professional Chauffeur

To learn more about LIMO CAR, please visit the company website at

LimoCar is in search of career minded chauffeurs to help drive our exclusive clientele around the tri-state area, in brand new Mkt, Suv and other high end vehicles.

LimoCar offers steady and consistent work hours.

LimoCar pays for tolls, parking and gas.

Schedules include all hours, days and weekends.

Full and Part time positions available.

You MUST have excellent driving skills.
You MUST have excellent knowledge of the tri-state area.
You MUST have a NYC TLC license.
You MUST have a Clean Driving Record.
You MUST be at least 25 years old.

Please come down to the office between 11AM and 5PM Monday - Friday and ask for the Sam

Our address is 2357 83 St. East Elmhurst NY 11370
You can email Any your resume at or call him at (718-312-2830)

(11.00 A.M TO 5.00 P.M)
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