Saturday, December 6, 2014

Executive TLC Driver (Brooklyn)

Job Description:
Driver will be provided with a vehicle owned by GE Limo Service and will be expected to transport VIP individuals at any time of the day and / or evening. Our niche market mainly involves a high-end clientele. Driver is also expected to complete a minimum of 15 UBER hours per week. Total hours per week are flexible, 45 to 55 hours, dependent on the expected amount of business that week. A driver can earn between USD $750 to USD $2,000 a week depending on how many hours they choose to work.

We are only looking for employees that can work 6 days a week and on a full-time basis.

Job Requirements:
-An experienced TLC driver with a CLEAN TLC and Driver's License record. NO EXCEPTIONS.
-Motor Vehicle Report, which must be approved by our insurance company.
-Must pass a city knowledge test administered by GE Limo Service.
-Must have at least 2 years of driving experience.
-Must have their own E-Z Pass.
-Must own a GPS / Battery charger.
-Must wear business attire while on duty.
-Training provided for UBER and VIP clients.
-Must have a positive attitude and resilient personality.

Interview Process:

Please contact us at 347-855-0000 and ask for Yamila to schedule an interview with the owner.
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