Saturday, January 3, 2015


If you do not have a TLC License please do not call us for information.

This is a small firm that drives executives on a regular basis. We have only Towncars, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, vans and SUV's, no stretches or party vehicles. There is no favoritism in dispatching unless a client requests you as the driver. Most work is dispatched the night before for the next day's start. This is for a full-time position (6 days). Must have full availability AM - PM. Part time and weekend schedule are also available. Vehicles are available in Astoria Queens. Drivers may be able to take the cars home. If interested, then please call us at the number below. Before you do that, please mention the word "green" so that we know you read this ad completely.

We pay gas and tolls directly, not from your pocket.
Drivers earn 20% of base rate + 20% commission (gratuity) .
Get paid every Friday!
Most drivers earn $800.00-1,100.00 a week on the high end before taxes.
This depends on availability, days worked and skill level.
Majority of the rides are Out-of Town, Hourly as Directed, Private Aviation and Airports.

Qualified applicants must have the following:
1 Year Experience or more,
Over 25 years old,
Clean Driver's License
CDL with a P Endorsement a plus
Good English, Bilingual a plus
Good Personal Hygiene,
Knowledge of the NY Tri-State Area,
GPS unit (Garmin, Tom Tom, Ect.),
Smart Phone,
Dark suit, white shirt, and black shoes are a must, company issues the tie wear.
Your own transportation to get to our office.

Please call tel# 1-914-319-1802 for more information between 10am to 7pm.
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