Monday, February 2, 2015

Drivers w/Vehicles For Edible Arrangements Valentine's Day Earn $350 (Midtown West)

Edible Arrangements is seeking Temporary Delivery Couriers for the Valentine's Day Holiday Period at 3 Locations: Period from Thursday Feb 12th thru Sunday Feb 15th.


 Columbus Circle Manhattan

 1756 Broadway

 Manhattan, NY 10019


 14th St Manhattan

 221 W 14th St

 Manhattan, NY 10011


 33rd St Manhattan

 201 E 33rd St

 Manhattan, NY 10016


 $7 per Delivery ($200 - $600)

 Drivers with their own Transportation will be paid $7 per delivery. No limit on deliveries. Any car, truck, van in good working condition will be approved, having a passenger/runner will significantly increase amount earned . GPS/smartphone is needed. Bicyclists are welcomed. Paid as an On Demand Courier, No Taxes.


 $5 per Delivery ($150 - $300)

 Delivery without a vehicle as a walker is also available at $5 per delivery. You may walk local deliveries and/or use Mass Transit. Must provide your own metro card. GPS/smartphone recommended to increase pay. Paid as an On Demand Courier, No Taxes.


 Key Requirements:

 - Should have good knowledge of the Manhattan or Brooklyn Area.

 - Have a working GPS or Smartphone w/ Data.

 - Be able to work in High Pace Environment.

 - Great Customer Service Skills.

 - Good Communication Skills

 - Good Personal Hygiene.


 Email Jessica at to schedule an interview.

 - All interviews will be scheduled by email.

 - Please email from a valid email address, as a reply will be sent if you are chosen.

 - Please Provide a resume in the email.
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