Sunday, May 10, 2015

Geek Squad Deputy Field Marshal, Appliances

What does a Deputy Field Marshal - Appliances do?
The Deputy Field Marshal will be directly responsible for fulfillment of on-site Geek Squad services and solutions within their assigned area, including delivery, installation and repair of Appliance product category and will lead and manage the pooled labor employees within Geek Squad in Home Services. The Deputy Field Marshal will also be the leader on duty, making decisions and providing guidance, coaching and training, acting as an advocate for Geek Squad Agents. They may also maintain effective partnerships with 3rd party fulfillment partners.

This leader will provide district/market level leadership through decision making, influencing others and acting as the SME while inspiring innovation and focusing on meeting unique needs. The Deputy Field Marshal is will ensure the delivery of a superior Client experience and Agent experience, optimizing operational efficiency and growth of the business.

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