Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dispatcher 11am to 8pm (Bronx)

The Dispatcher is responsible for helping with all logistical planning regarding every moving job.

1.         MUST be hard working
2.         Must possess at least 3 years experience communicating with customers
3.         Should have previous coordinating experience
4.         Have intermediate skills in MS Word & MS Excel
5.         Have the ability to multi-task
6.         Great communication & customer service skills
7.         Previous experience with dispatching trucks and manpower for at least 3 years.

Responsibilities includes but are not limited to:

1. Meet and dispatch the moving teams in the morning
2. Communicate with the moving teams throughout day and provide support and solutions to any problems that might arise
3.         Meet with the moving teams upon their return and ensure the trucks are ready for the following day
4.         Ensure communication to fulfill customer requests and to fix any problems as they arise
5.         Working closely with the customers to schedule pick ups and deliveries
6.         Coordinate among the Dispatch, Sales, and Storage Departments
7.         Ensuring Customers have no Storage balances before deliveries
8.         Report to operations manager about any technical issue with the trucks for immediate repairs
9.         Help with dispatch administrative tasks
10.       Arrange all contracts to be delivered to accounting team in order

11. Working closely with the Sales Manager and Sales team to schedule jobs

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